My road to AWS Advanced Networking – Specialty Certification

Recently, I passed my 4th AWS Certification i.e. AWS Certified Advanced Networking Speciality Certification. It was relatively easy as my background is in Networking .

Exam Preparation :

Listed below are the resources I used to prepare for SCS-C01 exam :

Key Technology Areas :

Understanding some of the topics is extermely critical , so focus in depth on those:

  • Direct Connect architecture (DX) , VPN primary and backup scenarios
  • VPC setup i.e. subnets, route tables, internet gateway, NAT gateway etc.
  • ACLs and Security Groups
  • Understanding VPC flow logs,
  • Route 53 architecture, A records, CNAME records , etc. public and private hosted zones
  • Hybrid DNS architecture, use of R53 Resolvers etc.
  • CloudTrail , CloudWatch logs
  • AWS Config, AWS Inspector and related services
  • Cloud Front, AWS WAF, Systems Manager etc.

Final Note:

Advanced Networking exam is not very hard if you know the basics i..e subnets, CIDR , ACLs etc. but it does require you to know in-depth about different AWS networking services and their use-cases.

Good Luck !

Certification Verification Link :

Tariq Sheikh Administrator

Tariq Sheikh has been working in IT industry for 15 plus years He is a dual CCIEx26141 with Security,Collaboration and Data Center as his specialities as well as 4xAWS Certified . He is based in Dubai,UAE and his areas of expertise include Data Center technologies, Networking, Security and AWS solution architect

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